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    Caribbean Report 08-09-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-09-08) whitehorn, Pat (anchor); Tomlinsin, Allan (correspondent); Jackson, Rashleigh (interviewee); Thompson, Alexander (correspondent); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Cooper, Graham (analyst); Haynes, Roy (correspondent); Gill, Ken (Interviewee); Morris, Bill (interviewee); Barnes, John (interviewee); Bruno, Frank (interviewee); Dark, Ian (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
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    Caribbean Report 07-09-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-09-07) Smith, Allan (interviewee); Vishnu, Persaud (interviewee); Whitehorn, Pat (correspondent); Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Foster, Arthur (interviewee); Tomlinson, Allan (correspondent); Wood, Nicholas (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
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    Caribbean Report 06-09-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 188-09-06) Whitehorn, Pat (anchor); Tarr, Michael (correspondent); Tomlinson, Alan (correspondent); Vargas Gomez, Andres (interviewee); Marshram, Marion (interviewee); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Mootoo, Winston (interviewee); Thompson, Alexander (correspondent); Camacho, Stephen (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
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    Caribbean Report 05-09-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-09-05) Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Duke, Beulah (interviewee); Tomlinson, Allan (correspondent); Wrobleski, Ann (interviewee); Whitehorn, Pat (correspondent); Morgan, James (interviewee); Grant, Bernie (interviewee); Walcott, Clyde (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
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    Caribbean Report 26-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-26) Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Tomlinson, Allan (correspondent); James, Canute (correspondent); Timmins, Jerry (correspondent); Wilson, Derek (correspondent); Reynold, Peter (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
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    Caribbean Report 25-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-25) Timmins, Jerry (anchor); Rosenbaum, Jon (interviewee); Tomlinson, Allan (correspondent); Whitehorn, Pat (correspondent); Taylor, Philip (interviewee); Kitson, Paddy (interviewee); Short, Christopher (interviewee); Edwards, Andy (correspondent); Jackson, Grace (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
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    Caribbean Report 19-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-19) Whitehorne, Pat (anchor); Mitchell, James (interviewee); Patrick, Soraya (correspondent); Goldsmith, Johnathan (interviewee); Larbie, Jo (interviewee); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
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    Caribbean Report 24-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-24) Whitehorne, Pat (anchor); Cumin, Judith (interviewee); Wrench, Stanley (interviewee); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Humphries, David (analyst); Timmins, Jerry (correspondent); Adams, Douglas (interviewee); Edwards, Andy (correspondent); Stewart, Raymond (interviewee); Aleem, Mark (correspondent); Gallop, Corinna (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
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    Caribbean Report_23-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-23) Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Monroe, Trevor Dr. (interviewee); Haynes, Roy (correspondent); Brinkley, Ian (interviewee); Timmins, Jerry (correspondent); Hewin, Sarah (analyst); Johnson, Victor (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
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    Caribbean Report 22-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-22) Timmins, Jerry (anchor); Willmott, Patrick (interiewee); Flay, Stephen (interviewee); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Warner, Earlston (interviewee); Whitehorne, Pat (correspondent); Light, Jeffery (interviewee); Tomlinson, Alan (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This program features a report on fighting in Suriname, a special report on a generation gap between younger and older West Indian immigrants, a look at US/Haiti political relations after the Haitian coup of 1986.
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    Caribbean Report 18-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-18) Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Goodley, Lloyd (interviewee); Hearing, Roger (correspondent); Singh, Rickey (analyst); Elliott, Michael (analyst); Clarke, (interviewee) Sylvester; McGreggor, Sue (correspondent); Saunders, William (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This program reports on the response of a local union to the recent IMF standby credit arrangement entered into by the Jamaican government. It also briefly examines the recent visit of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Prime Minister to the Republic of Zambia and takes a look at Tim Eggar’s visit to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in a bid to gather facts on the drug trade including drug trans-shipment via the Caribbean countries which are under his portfolio as Foreign Office Minister. The program also features excerpts of a spirited debate between journalists Michael Elliott and Rickey Singh based on an Economist article written by Elliott. Finally, in cricket news, Hugh Crosskill interviews former West Indian fast bowler Sylvester Clarke, who was fined by his county club Surrey for unprofessional conduct in failing to show up for a critical match against Glamorgan
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    Caribbean Report 17-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-17) Timmins, Jerry (anchor); Pantin, Dennis (interviewee); Collymore, Yvette (correspondent); James, Canute (correspondent); Whitehorne, Pat (correspondent); Roach, Larry (interviewee); Edwards, Andy (correspondent); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This program features news of a 15% devaluation of the Trinidad and Tobago dollar by the government of Trinidad and Tobago, and regional reactions to this move. Also featured are news of an agreement between the Jamaican government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and a report on a dispute regarding security arrangements in the run up to England's Notting Hill Carnival. Finally, the program features a report on athletics in Zurich and the keenly contested 100 metre race between Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson, and ends with a brief report on disciplinary action taken against Barbadian fast bowler Sylvester Clarke for unprofessional conduct.
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    Caribbean Report 16-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-16) Whitehorne, Pat (anchor); Martin, Michael (correspondent); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Marshall, Robin (analyst); Timmins, Jerry (correspondent); Cooper, Graham (analyst); Fife, Andrew (interviewee); Eggar, Timothy (interviewee); Reid, Mike (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This program highlights recent human rights violations in Haiti resulting in the death of four young people. It also reports on the state visit of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister James Mitchell to Zambia, and takes a speculative look at the future of coffee prices in the event of a possible pull out of the USA from the International Coffee Association. Also featured are a reports on an agreement between Cable and Wireless and the Government of Grenada on the formation of a new company; a report on a specially brokered race between Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis, and a report on a visit to Peru by British Minister with responsibility for the Caribbean Timothy Eggar, in an effort to gain insight into the coca industry and its links to transshipment of cocaine via the Caribbean.
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    Caribbean Report 15-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-15) Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Timmins, Jerry (correspondent); John Charles, Vanus (interviewee); Bruno, Frank (interviewee); Straw, Mike (correspondent); Redmond, Derek (interviewee); Jackson, Colin (interviewee); May, Fiona (interviewee); Walcott, Clyde (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This edition of BBC Caribbean Report focus on critical issues facing banana growers in the Winward Islands as the lifitng of the EU trade embargo draws closer. The program also highlights a popular newspaper's call for the stopping of the annual Notting Hill Carnival celebrations, following a case of pre-Carnival violence in the Shepherd's Bush area involving some young perpetrators. Finally, in news of sport, the program features cameo interviews with heavyweight contender Frank Bruno ahead of his title bout with Mike Tyson, and track and field, athletes Derek Redmond, Colin Johnson and Fiona May competing in the athletic championships at Gateshead.
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    Caribbean Report 12-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-12) Timmins, Jerry (anchor); Charles, Eugenia (interviewee); Whitehorne, Pat (correspondent); Waddell, Peter (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This program takes a critical look at the level of security in England prior to this year’s Notting Hill Carnival, and the Carnival Committee’s apparent lack of preparation. The program briefly explores the political climate of Dominica in the midst of the country’s 10th anniversary of Independence and the run up to general elections on the island. Additionally, it also takes a look at the reception given to Cuban President Fidel Castro by the Ecuadorian people as he visits Ecuador on the occasion of the presidential inauguration of Rodrigo Borja Cevallos. In cricket news, reactions to Clive Lloyd’s appointment as West Indies team Manager by Vivian Richards and Jackie Hendricks is examined, and finally the program reflects on the contribution of John Logie Baird to the invention and early development of television on the eve of the 100th anniversary of his birth.
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    Caribbean Report 11-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-11) Whitehorne, Pat (anchor); Tarr, Michael (correspondent); Gruber, Jerry (correspondent); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Weinberg, Rob (interviewee); Pascal, Alex (interviewee); Seawood, David (interviewee); Edwards, Andy (correspondent); Butcher, Pat (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This program reports on events taking place in Haiti with respect to an apparent military crackdown on religious expression despite assurances to the contrary given by General Henri Namphy after the recent military coup in Haiti. Also featured is a report on the closure of private foreign exchange banks in the Dominican Republic, and an update on the Carnival Arts Committee’s response to a negative report on Notting Hill Carnival. The segment continues with a report on the crackdown on noise levels at cricket grounds in England, and the perception of this action by West Indies cricket fans as a form of discrimination against them. Finally, the segment concludes with sporting news, featuring highlights of selected events at the world athletic championships in Siestriere, Italy.
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    Caribbean Report 09-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-09) Timmins, Jerry (anchor); Robinson, A.N.R. (interviewee); Taylor, Jeremy (correspondent); Hewin, Sarah (interviewee); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Elliot, Michael (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This program reports on the political climate in Trinidad and Tobago in the wake of the split in the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) Coalition, and the formation of a new political party known as Club 88. The program also takes a look at the state of the economy of Trinidad and Tobago and the tough political and economic issues facing the A.N.R Robinson administration. Finally, BBC correspondent Hugh Crosskill examines the atmosphere at cricket grounds during test matches between the West Indies and England. The contentious issue of West Indies supporters’ exuberance and the level of noise that they make during the matches is discussed, along with measures taken to control the noise.
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    Caribbean Report 08-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-08) Whitehorne, Pat (anchor); Hamid, Rizu (correspondent); Greenidge, Carl (interviewee); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Richards, Steve (correspondent); Roach, Larry (interviewee); Pascal, Alex (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This program features a report on a demonstration by Surinamese nationals at the French consulate in Holland in a bid to influence an end to French support for the rebel movement based in French Guiana. It also highlights an interview with Guyana’s Foreign Minister Carl Greenidge who speaks about his efforts to secure financial assistance for Guyana in Europe. The program also reports on some concerns involving public safety in the run up to Britain’s Notting Hill Carnival celebrations. Finally, the program takes a look at the recently concluded test series between the West Indies and England, which ended in a four nil victory for the visiting West Indies team.
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    Caribbean Report 05-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-05) Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Tomlinson, Alan (correspondent); Cerna, Christina (interviewee); Roberts, John (analyst); Timmins, Jerry (correspondent); Lindsay, Orland Archbishop (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This program features news on Jamaica’s tough, new anti-drug smuggling measures, reports on a planned visit by an OAS mission to Haiti to investigate alleged human rights violations, and gives an update on the 1988 Lambeth Conference being held in Canterbury, England. The program winds up with cricket highlights of the 5th and final test match between the West Indies and England, featuring an interview with Hugh Crosskill and West Indies wicketkeeper/batsman Jeffrey Dujon.
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    Caribbean Report 04-08-1988
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1988-08-04) Timmins, Jerry (anchor); Jackson, Rashleigh (interviewee); Lindsay, Orland Archbishop (interviewee); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Whitehorne, Pat (correspondent); Crowson, Phillip (interviewee); Cozier, Tony (commentator); Ambrose, Curtly (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This edition of Caribbean Report features news on the Toronto meeting of Foreign Ministers on sanctions against South Africa’s Apartheid regime. It also includes an update on the Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops taking place in Canterbury, England, and a much debated resolution regarding the Anglican Church’s position on the dangers of the AIDS virus. Also featured on the program are highlights of the 5th and final test match between the West Indies and England at the oval, and news of an upcoming, special edition of Caribbean Report, dedicated to the celebration of sixty years of West Indies Test Cricket.