Caribbean Report 18-08-1988


This program reports on the response of a local union to the recent IMF standby credit arrangement entered into by the Jamaican government. It also briefly examines the recent visit of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Prime Minister to the Republic of Zambia and takes a look at Tim Eggar’s visit to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in a bid to gather facts on the drug trade including drug trans-shipment via the Caribbean countries which are under his portfolio as Foreign Office Minister. The program also features excerpts of a spirited debate between journalists Michael Elliott and Rickey Singh based on an Economist article written by Elliott. Finally, in cricket news, Hugh Crosskill interviews former West Indian fast bowler Sylvester Clarke, who was fined by his county club Surrey for unprofessional conduct in failing to show up for a critical match against Glamorgan


Table of Contents

1. Headlines – Hugh Crosskill (00:00—00:27)
2. Jamaican trade union NWU unhappy about the Edward Seaga administration’s new $114 million standby credit agreement with the International Monetary Fund. The union’s major contention lies with the 10% cap on wage increases which is stipulated in the agreement. Hugh Crosskill talks with Lloyd Goodley of the NWU on the issue. (00:28-03:04)
3. Report on St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister James Mitchel’s visit to Zambia. (03:05-04:05)
4. Report on Britain’s Foreign Office Minister with responsibility for the Caribbean, Tim Eggar’s fact finding mission to Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. Mr. Eggar speaks with correspondent Sue McGregor regarding the problem of drug trans-shipment in the Caribbean.(04:10-06:14)
5. Financial news: Jerry Timmins (Includes brief comments from William Saunders, Managing Director of the Jamaica Petroleum Corporation) (06:21-07:48)
6. Michael Elliott, author of a special supplement on the Caribbean which was published in the Economist magazine addresses criticisms from Barbadian journalist Rickey Singh who feels that the publication paints the Caribbean in a cynical and unflattering light. This segment features a portion of the verbal exchange that took place via telephone between the two men regarding the publication. (07:54-12:59)
7. Former West Indies fast bowler Sylvester Clarke fined a week’s wages by county club Surrey for failing to turn up in time for a championship match against Glamorgan. Hugh Crosskill interviews Clarke, and the two discuss among other things, Clarke’s ban from West Indies cricket after participating in a rebel tour of South Africa. (13:01-14:29)