Caribbean Report 08-09-1988



Table of Contents

1. Headlines – (00:00-00:35)
2. Links to the drug trade cast Bahamas Government officials into the spotlight in the current US presidential elections. The BBC’s Allan Tomlinson reports on the efforts of the Bahamian government to improve relations with the US via the assistance of the PR firm Black, Manafort & Stone. (00:38-03:55)
3. Foreign ministers of the Non-Aligned Movement address the drug abuse and drug trafficking in the Caribbean at their meeting in Cyrus. BBC correspondent Alexander Thomson speaks with Guyana foreign Minister Rashleigh Jackson about the seriousness of the problem in the region. (03:56-06:59)
4. Financial news – Hugh Crosskill (featuring comments from commodity exert Graham Cooper) (07:04-08:38)
5. Roy Haynes reports on the British Trade Union’s Annual Congress which focuses on workplace equality, with particular emphasis on racial equality. His report features excerpts from labour union leaders Ken Gill and Bill Morris (08:43-11:03)
6. Jamaican-born football player John Barnes is included in a new look England squad for a friendly match against Denmark. Hugh Crosskill interviews Barnes about his experience as a black player in the English tam as well as the introduction of other new, young, black players. (11:04-12:21)
7. British boxer Frank Bruno reacts to the news about the postponement of his scheduled fight against American boxer Mike Tyson in an interview with correspondent Ian Dark. Based on Tyson’s recent vehicular accident Bruno thinks that his chances of victory against Tyson are good. (12:22-13:44)