Caribbean Report 11-08-1988


This program reports on events taking place in Haiti with respect to an apparent military crackdown on religious expression despite assurances to the contrary given by General Henri Namphy after the recent military coup in Haiti. Also featured is a report on the closure of private foreign exchange banks in the Dominican Republic, and an update on the Carnival Arts Committee’s response to a negative report on Notting Hill Carnival. The segment continues with a report on the crackdown on noise levels at cricket grounds in England, and the perception of this action by West Indies cricket fans as a form of discrimination against them. Finally, the segment concludes with sporting news, featuring highlights of selected events at the world athletic championships in Siestriere, Italy.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (Pat Whitehorn) (00:15-00:41)
2. Report on the storming of a Roman Catholic rectory in Haiti by soldiers, and the subsequent detention of five young persons, following an apparent military crackdown on religious expression. The actions of the military against the Catholic Church in particular are contrary to the assurances given by General Namphy regarding religious freedom for all groups after the military coup. The BBC’s Pat Whitehorn speaks with correspondent Michael Tarr regarding the events. (00:46-03:59)
3. Report on the closure of private foreign exchange banks by the government of the Dominican Republic. Correspondent Jerry Gruber speaks to the BBC’s Pat Whitehorn on the various measures introduced by the Central Bank in the Dominican Republic. (04:00-05:38)
4. Financial news: (Hugh Crosskill). This segment includes brief comments by analyst Rob Weinberg. (05:46-07:10)
5. The Carnival Arts Committee shelves a negative, critical report on Notting Hill Carnival until after the event. Chairman of the Committee Alex Pascal rebuffs rumours of a no confidence motion. (07:15-09:01)
6. This segment features comments and complaints from West Indies supporters regarding what they perceive as discriminatory acts towards them by cricket clubs. David Seawod of the Surrey County Club talks with Hugh Croskill regarding the accusations, and the rationale for some of the measures adopted to curb the level of noise by exuberant West Indies fans at cricket matches. (09:07-12:36)
7. Sporting news: This segment reports on the world athletic championships that took place in Siestriere in the Italian Alps. The BBC’s Andy Edwards talks with correspondent Pat Butcher on the events. (12:39-14:47)