Caribbean Report 25-08-1988



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:56)
2. US Trade Bill was recently signed into law by the US President. The section of the bill which deals with the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) and its importance to the United States was highlighted, including recommended that this initiative be strengthened in the region. Jerry Timmins briefly interviews US Trade Assistant Jon Rosenbaum regarding the CBI and the possible US response to perceptions of what could be deemed as “negative trading policies” on the trade agreement. The issue of whether the agreement could be used as a tool to impact the drug trade among other things is also discussed. (00:57-04:15)
3 BBC Regional Correspondent Allan Tomlinson reports on some unintended benefits of a section of the CBI to Cuba. In particular, there is a slight ease in the trade embargo against the Castro government. (04:16-05:54)
4 BBC Correspondent Pat Whitehorn presents the daily financial report, and also briefly interviews gold analyst Philip Taylor of Walberg Securities in London about the future of gold prices. (06:00- 07:23)
5 The South Glamorgan County Council in New South Wales comes under attack for holding a reception to honor Cardiff- born pirate Henry Morgan. Council Chairman Paddy Kitson, organized the event to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Morgan’s death. The event has triggered the ire of labour councilor Christopher Short, who expressed strong disapproval for the honour given the atrocities associated with Henry Morgan against runaway slaves who were later caught. (07:28-10:37)
6 BBC Correspondent Andy Edwards interviews Jamaican sprinter Grace Jackson ahead of the European Grand Prix 400 meter finals. Jackson who is a joint leader on overall points also has the second fastest time in the event as is a one of the favorites to win it. However, despite her fast time, she is still a bit uncomfortable with the distance because her specialties are the 100 and 200 meter events. (10:42-13:31)
7 Musical interlude with the promotion of the upcoming Notting Hill Carnival celebrations and a special live Carnival edition of the program. (14:38-14:48)