Caribbean Report 12-08-1988

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The British Broadcasting Corporation


This program takes a critical look at the level of security in England prior to this year’s Notting Hill Carnival, and the Carnival Committee’s apparent lack of preparation. The program briefly explores the political climate of Dominica in the midst of the country’s 10th anniversary of Independence and the run up to general elections on the island. Additionally, it also takes a look at the reception given to Cuban President Fidel Castro by the Ecuadorian people as he visits Ecuador on the occasion of the presidential inauguration of Rodrigo Borja Cevallos. In cricket news, reactions to Clive Lloyd’s appointment as West Indies team Manager by Vivian Richards and Jackie Hendricks is examined, and finally the program reflects on the contribution of John Logie Baird to the invention and early development of television on the eve of the 100th anniversary of his birth.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines: Prime Minister of Dominica Eugenia Charles attacks the opposition who call for the release of former Prime Minister Patrick John. Report on President Castro’s visit to Ecuador. West Indies cricket Captain Vivian Richards says that he can work with Clive Lloyd. (00:00 - 00:37)
2. Jerry Timmins interviews Dominican Prime Minister Eugenia Charles. Among topics discussed are the political climate of Dominica, accusations of political campaigning by the Prime Minister in the midst of the country’s 10th anniversary of Independence, and the opposition party’s call for the release of imprisoned former Prime Minister Patrick John. (00:38 - 03:56)
3. Cuban President Fidel Castro is warmly received during his visit to Ecuador on the occasion of the inauguration of Ecuadorian President Rodrigo Borja Cevallos. (03:57 - 06:00)
4. Financial News: (Pat Whitehorn) (06:07 - 06:59)
5. Cricket News: This segment includes comments on the recently concluded test match between the West Indies and England, comments on the pending West Indies tour of Australia and brief interviews with West Indies Captain Vivian Richards and former West Indies Manager Jackie Hendricks on the appointment of Clive Lloyd as the new West Indies team Manager. (07:04 - 09:24)
6. Articles in the British press of interest to the Caribbean: (Jerry Timmins, Hugh Crosskill and Pat Whitehorn) This segment includes news concerning political events in Dominica under the regime of Prime Minister Eugenia Charles, a violent robbery in Mandeville, Jamaica involving injury to a visiting national, concerns regarding the lack of adequate security to ensure the safety of individuals participating in Notting Hill Carnival celebrations, and comments on the recently concluded test match between the West Indies and England. (09:34 - 12:26)
7. This segment features comments on the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Logie Baird, the man credited with the invention of television. According to researcher Dr. Peter Waddell, John Logie Baird is said to have done some of his early work in Trinidad in 1919. Waddell also reveals that during the Second World War Logie Baird was also a high level intelligence officer with the British Secret Service. (12:28 - 14:37)