Caribbean Report 15-08-1988


This edition of BBC Caribbean Report focus on critical issues facing banana growers in the Winward Islands as the lifitng of the EU trade embargo draws closer. The program also highlights a popular newspaper's call for the stopping of the annual Notting Hill Carnival celebrations, following a case of pre-Carnival violence in the Shepherd's Bush area involving some young perpetrators. Finally, in news of sport, the program features cameo interviews with heavyweight contender Frank Bruno ahead of his title bout with Mike Tyson, and track and field, athletes Derek Redmond, Colin Johnson and Fiona May competing in the athletic championships at Gateshead.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00 - 00:37)
2. Winward Islands Banana Association (WINBAN) Chairman Vanus John Charles rejects a suggestion by Dominican politician Roosevelt (“Rosie”) Douglas that regional banana producers join the Panama-based International Exporters Cartel. Douglas sees this move as a strategy to mitigate the effects of the lifting of trade embargo by the European Union among its EEC member states in 1992, but Mr. John Charles expresses a differing opinion. (00:44 -04:00)
3. The Evening Standard newspaper advocates the stopping of Notting Hill Carnival, in the aftermath of trouble associated with pre-carnival activities in the Shepherd’s Bush area. Jerry Timmins reports on the incident, which has sparked several exaggerated and inaccurate reports of violence. (04:02-06:58)
4. Daily Financial Report: (07:05-08:06)
5. Sports News -- (Boxing): BBC Correspondent Mike Straw interviews Frank Bruno, British heavyweight boxer regarding his pending title bout with heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, scheduled for October Wembley Stadium. Bruno expresses confidence in his chances of victory against the unbeaten American. (08:12-11:08)
6. Sports News (continued)-- (Athletics): This segment features brief highlights of the pre-Olympic athletic competition at Gateshead, England and includes brief interviews with sprinters Derek Redmond and Colin Johnson and women’s long-jump hopeful Fiona May.(11:09-13:49)
7. Sports News – (Cricket): Hugh Crosskill briefly interviews Clyde Walcott, recently appointed President of the West Indies Cricket Board of Control (WICB). Walcott was in London to attend an International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting, and to have a look at the West Indies team in action. Crosskill asks Walcott about his planned achievements for West Indies cricket during his term of office. (13:50-14:39)