Caribbean Report 24-08-1988



Headlines segment missing from this program.

Table of Contents

1. BBC Correspondent Pat Whitehorn interviews Judith Cumin, spokesperson at the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), regarding the fate of Surinamese refugees after the establishment of a tripartite agreement among the Surinamese Government, The Government of France and the UNHCR. The agreement caters for the voluntary repatriation of over nine thousand Surinamese refugees who are currently in French Guiana. ( 00:00 - 02:20)
2. Pat Whitehorn interviews Stanley Wrench, leading Surinamese human rights activist regarding the refugee situation. Mr. Wrench expresses his views on the tripartite agreement and his hopes for a negotiated settlement to the war and the return of the refugees to Suriname. (02:23—05:09)
3. Financial news: Hugh Crosskill. This segment includes brief comments from David Humphries, Senior Economist at Rio Tinto Zinc, on the projected, significant increase in the demand for alumina and the implications for alumina producing countries like Jamaica and Guyana. (05:17-06:58)
4. Bahamas-based fund manager Templeton, Goldbrave and Hansberger is set to expand its operations into Europe with the launch of two Unit Trust funds for U.K. investors. BBC correspondent Jerry Timmins talks with Douglas Adams, Marketing Director of Templeton Unit Trust Management, the U.K. firm that is handling the launch. (07:03-09:37)
5. Highlights of an interview with BBC correspondent Andy Edwards and Jamaican sprinter Raymond Stewart in the run up to the Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea. Stewart is seen as Jamaica’s best hope of a medal in the upcoming games. (09:38-11:35)
6. Sixteen Caribbean nations are among 124 expected participants of Sport Aid 88, an international fundraiser for children in need, scheduled for September 11, 1988. The 10K event is dubbed “A Race Against Time”. Correspondent Mark Aleem speaks to Sport Aid’s Corinna Gallop about the Caribbean’s response. (11:36-13:56)