Caribbean Report_23-08-1988



Table of Contents

1. Hugh Crosskill interviews Dr. Trevor Monroe, General Secretary of the Marxist Workers Party of Jamaica (WPJ) regarding recent events in the party, including the resignation of one of its founding members Don Robotham, who accused the party of becoming too narrow and dictatorial in its ideology. ( 00:34 - 04:14)
2. Britain’s Trade Union Congress (TUC) publishes a report criticizing government’s bid to revitalize the inner cities. BBC correspondent Roy Haynes elaborates on the TUC’s report which claims that despite massive efforts at urban renewal, local people inclusive of many individuals of Caribbean descent are not receiving any benefits as promised by the Thatcher administration. The situation in some cities is also greatly exacerbated by high unemployment racial discrimination against ethnic minorities and the introduction of a poll tax. (04:20—06:42)
3. Assistant Secretary of the TUC’s economic department, Ian Brinkley comments on the TUC’s report on inner cities and the role of the private sector and the trade unions. He notes that the trade unions need to embrace change as it relates to the services they provide to black workers and to the inclusion of more black workers in their organizational structures. ( 07:03--09:06)
4. Financial news: Jerry Timmins – This segment includes comments from Sarah Hewin of American Express Bank. (09:17—10:42)
5. US Congress completes hearings on a draft bill which could significantly increase aid to the Caribbean. The draft bill, perceived as an expansion of the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) was piloted by Congressman George Crocket Jr. Hugh Crosskill speaks with Sub-Committee Chairman Victor Johnson regarding the draft bill. (10:47—14:30)