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    Caribbean Report 18-12-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-12-18) Ransome, Debbie (anchor); James, Edison (interviewee); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Francois, Wisna (interviewee); McDonald, Nancy (interviewee); Norton, Michael (correspondent); Forde, Jewel (correspondent); Hunte, Julian (interviewee); Becca, Tony (interviewee); Beckles, Hilary (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report the Windward Islands have been successful in securing funds to back their bid for Geest's banana division. Dominica's Prime Minister Edison James comments on the financing and their chances of obtaining the banana business. In Trinidad and Tobago, Prime Minister Basdeo Panday has been hospitalized with a chest related problem. Tony Fraser reports on the Prime Minister's diagnosis of an angina pectoris and the likelihood that Mr. Panday will reduce his workload when he does leave the hospital. Meanwhile, in Haiti, the vote counting continues following Presidential elections where Rene Preval is the expected winner. In light of the low voter turnout, Nancy McDonald of the Coalition of Independent Observers sums up Haitians' disinterest in electing a new President and Michael Norton assesses Rene Preval's expected term of office. In cricket, the West Indies Cricket Board of Control will move to Antigua in the new year. Jewel Forde examines the implications of the Board's relocation. On the Lara issue, the Board has agreed to uphold the fines imposed on Brian Lara and took no action regarding his withdrawal from the tour of Australia. Cricket historian, Dr. Hilary Beckles comments on the relocation of the Board to Antigua.
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    Caribbean Report 29-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-29) Richards, Ken (anchor); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Rampersad, Frank (interviewee); Gonzales, Anthony (interviewee); Ransome, Debbie (correspondent); Heylinger, Hugh (interviewee); Emmanuel, Pat (interviewee); Alleyne, Gary (correspondent); Rush, George (correspondent); Meade, Reuben (interviewee); McIntyre, Allister (interviewee); Seecharan, Chem (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report: Suriname has become the first non-English speaking country to be made a full member of CARICOM. Economists Frank Rampersad and Anthony Gonzales comment on CARICOM's future direction. In St. Kitts/Nevis, the ruling People's Action Movement (PAM), is contesting the latest opinion poll which predicts a win in the general elections for the Opposition Labour Party. The pollster Dr. Pat Emmanuel comments that his procedure is no different from other successful polls conducted in the region. In Jamaica, the group of twelve Western dissidents indicated it was taking legal action to prevent moves by the party leadership to discipline them. As Bermuda takes a critical look at independence, the British dependent territories in the Caribbean do not appear keen on pursuing independence. In Montserrat the independence topic is not an immediate priority as Chief Minister Reuben Meade plans to establish a timetable by 2000. The University of the West Indies and North London University enter into a memorandum of cooperation that will facilitate student exchanges between them.
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    Caribbean Report 30-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-30) Richards, Ken (anchor); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Camacho, Steven (interviewee); Benjamin, Winston (interviewee); Gower, David (correspondent); Sobers, Garfield (interviewee); Hughes, Hubert (interviewee); McIntyre, Allister (interviewee); Hutchinson, Peter (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report: West Indies fastbowler Winston Benjamin has been axed from the squad currently touring England due to a lack of fitness and discipline. Steven Camacho, Chief Executive of the West Indies Cricket Board comments on the predominant reasons for the termination but Winston Benjamin contests the disciplinary side of it. Former West Indies captain Sir Gary Sobers talks about the state of West Indies cricket. Anguilla's Chief Minister Hubert Hughes wants Britain to fund an economic development programme for his island. Montserrat's Chief Minister Reuben Meade confirms the construction of a major private sector investment project with Britain and Brussels. The University of the West Indies (UWI) is moving to make its mark on the corridors of international academia. Death Watch, the UK-based organization, opposes the death penalty in the Caribbean region. Its Chairman Peter Hutchinson comments on its aim to nurture informed public opinion on the subject in the region.
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    Caribbean Report 21-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-21) Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Smith, Lew (correspondent); Mitchell, Keith (interviewee); Ford, Henry (interviewee); Bousquet, Rufus (interviewee); Richardson, Richie (interviewee); Orr, Carol (correspondent); Lara, Brian (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report: Trinidad and Tobago's former Attorney General Selwyn Richardson is gunned down in the driveway of his home. The public expressed anger and concern on local radio stations following the shooting. Dr. Keith Mitchell's New National Party wins Grenada's general elections. Lew Smith sums up the election results and the hopes of most Grenadians. Caribbean Report took to the streets to get the people's reaction to the election results. Prime Minister-designate Dr. Keith Mitchell comments on his local and regional priorities. In St. Lucia, the dismissed government minister Rufus Bousquet takes the stand at the commission of inquiry probing the alleged misuse of UN funds. As the West Indies prepare for the second test, England selectors place emphasis on its bowling, but Windies Captain Richie Richardson does not appear worried by this. West Indies batsman Brian Lara states that the Windies are hungry for victory.
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    Caribbean Report 27-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-27) Richards, Ken (anchor); Hudson-Phillips, Karl (interviewee); Ninvalle, Pete (correspondent); Flemming, Charles (interviewee); Niles, Bertram (correspondent); Forde, Henry (interviewee); Meade, Reuben (interviewee); Ransome, Debbie (correspondent); Alleyne, Gary (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report: A key witness for the commission of inquiry into the UN fund scandal in St. Lucia, Dr. Charles Flemming claims he has been receiving death threats and failed to appear before the commission. Karl Hudson-Phillips, Counsel for the commission questioned Dr. Flemming's absence. As the Barbados and the OECS countries negotiate an economic cooperation agreement, comparisons are being made with the 1979 accord between Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. Montserrat's Chief Minister Reuben Meade wants to see closer cooperation between Barbados and the OECS but rules out political union at this stage. In Cuba the fourth Caribbean commercial fair, Expo Caribe 95 took place as Washington sought to blacklist Canada's mining giant Sherritt for doing business with Cuba. A Soviet submarine commander Yurick Ketov who was involved in the 1962 Cuban missile crisis told a Russian newspaper that Soviet submarines nearly launched their nuclear torpedoes at US navy ships off Cuba. In Jamaica, several thousand students will have to re-sit two papers in the Caribbean Examination Council (C.X.C.) examinations due to high levels of cheating.
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    Caribbean Report 22-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-22) Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Guy, Hilton (interviewee); Hudson-Phillips, Karl (interviewee); Flemming, Charles (interviewee); Smith, Lew (correspondent); Niles, Bertram (correspondent); Goddard, Philip (interviewee); Singh, Wendy (interviewee); Mann, Simon (correspondent); Emburey, John (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report: Trinidad and Tobago's police talks about the possible motives behind the killing of former Attorney General Selwyn Richardson and offers a reward for his killers. In St. Lucia at the commission of inquiry into the misappropriation of UN funds, former Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Charles Flemming, a key witness, is quizzed by Karl Hudson-Phillips, Counsel to the Commission. A challenge threatens to topple Dr. Keith Mitchell's one seat majority government in Grenada and delay the swearing-in of the new Prime Minister. An eight member team of Commonwealth observers has been selected to observe the July 3rd general elections in St. Kitts/Nevis. Venezuela has ratified its membership in the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) clearing the way for its Ambassador Simon Molina Duarte to be the ACS first Secretary-General. Barbados and Cuba are close to signing an investment protection agreement. The London-based Penal Reform International states that conditions in Jamaica's jails have improved. In cricket, England had a disappointing day in the second test against the West Indies.
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    Caribbean Report 16-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-16) Orr, Carol (anchor); Weston, Cordell (interviewee); Brancker, Rawle (interviewee); Spencer, Baldwin (interviewee); Goffe, Leslie (correspondent); Cumberbatch, Edward (interviewee); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Thwaites, Peter (interviewee); Farrell, Trevor (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report: LIAT Chairman William Rapier has resigned following a shareholders' and directors' meeting in Antigua. The newly appointed Chairman, Cordell Weston comments on Mr. Rapier's resignation. A fresh invitation for LIAT's stock is issued to interested bidders. CARICOM Heads of Government have a long list of regional matters to discuss during the Summit on July 4th. The most pressing issues include the proposed single market and economy and legal matters. In Jamaica, Prime Minister P. J. Patterson has called out the troops to assist the police in bringing the violence under control. Edward Cumberbatch, General Secretary of the Caribbean Conference of Churches argues that mass tourism is destroying the Caribbean and expresses his dissatisfaction with the cruise ship industry in the Caribbean. There is concern for the protection of regional industries from the full force of international competition in this era of globalization and trade liberalization.
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    Caribbean Report 23-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-23) Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Ninvalle, Pete (correspondent); Cadasse, Noel (interviewee); Flemming, Charles (interviewee); Hudson-Phillips, Karl (interviewee); Ford, Henry (interviewee); Kinzer, Joseph (interviewee); Bhola, Ronnie (correspondent); Mann, Simon (correspondent); Jagan, Cheddi (interviewee); Doueb, Rafael (interviewee); Ransome, Debbie (correspondent); Vivanco, Jose Miguel (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report: the strike by public sector workers in St. Lucia continues and President of the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association, Mr. Noel Cadasse expresses concern that this protracted strike could have catastrophic consequences for the tourism industry. As the commission of inquiry into the UN funds scandal continues in St. Lucia, Dr. Charles Flemming received a thorough cross examination from both counsels Karl Hudson-Phillips and Henry Ford. In Haiti, the integrity of the electoral process is questioned ahead of legislative and local elections. Guyana's President Cheddi Jagan states any member of his government that fails to maintain high moral and ethical standards would have to go and announced plans to introduce an Integrity Commission in the near future. In cricket, England fights back on the second day of the second test match against the West Indies. Vice-President of France Libertes Rafael Doueb argues that the human rights situation in Cuba may not be as bad as feared and that there are other countries in the hemisphere with much worse records. Jose Miguel Vivanco, Human Rights Watch Americas was less positive about the situation in Cuba.
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    Caribbean Report 12-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-12) Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Bruney, Mike (correspondent); Moreau, Gordon (interviewee); Alleyne, Gary (correspondent); Dos Santos, Bernard (interviewee); Hayes, Rosie (correspondent); Shelly, Christine (interviewee); Short, Peter (interviewee); Florence, Chris (correspondent); Croft, Colin (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    At the close of Dominica's general elections, Mike Bruney comments on voter turnout and possible outcomes. Gordon Moreau, political commentator in Dominica reports on the uncertainty of the election outcome. The Opposition, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) calls for a boycott of by-elections in Jamaica. On the fifteenth anniversary of the death of Dr. Walter Rodney, Guyana's Attorney General Bernard Dos Santos recommends a full commission of inquiry into Dr. Rodney's death. The US announced that Cuban authorities have arrested American fugitive, Robert Vesco. US State Department spokeswoman Christine Shelly states that the US is interested in his return following an offer from Cuba to send the fugitive back. In cricket, the West Indies gained a nine wicket victory over England in the opening test. The return of fast-bowler Ian Bishop played a significant part and earned him the Man of the Match award. The President of the West Indies Cricket Board of Control, Peter Short praised the whole team for its performance.
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    Caribbean Report 28-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-28) Richards, Ken (anchor); Flemming, Charles (interviewee); Phillips, Fred, Sir (interviewee); Simmonds, Kennedy (interviewee); Douglas, Denzil (interviewee); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Wegel, Ed (interviewee); Pryce, Michael (correspondent); Mullings, Seymour (interviewee); Meade, Reuben (interviewee); Laurent, Edwin (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report: The commission of inquiry established in St. Lucia, to look into the UN funds scandal has taken a one and half week adjournment to allow key witness Dr. Charles Flemming to collect documents in New York. In St. Kitts/Nevis, investigations continue into the cause of election violence. A third unusual murder in Trinidad has local police considering a possible link with the killing of former Attorney General Selwyn Richardson. BWIA's Chief Operations Officer, Ed Wegel states that the airline's offer for shareholding in LIAT depends on a number of factors yet to be assessed. Jamaica's Deputy Prime Minister Seymour Mullings states that his country has taken the necessary steps to ensure it can compete in the global economy. Previously granted but unused European Development Fund monies may form part of a new aid package for the ACP countries. Both Montserrat's Chief Minister, Reuben Meade and Ambassador Edwin Laurent expressed concern about the possible effects this could have on the Caribbean region.
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    Caribbean Report 26-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-26) Crosskill, Hugh (anchor); Douglas, Denzil (interviewee); Simmonds, Kennedy (interviewee); Atwood, Brian (interviewee); Goss, Porter (interviewee); Niles, Bertram (correspondent); Arthur, Owen (interviewee); Modeste, Hilary (interviewee); Gower, David (correspondent); Cork, Dominic (interviewee); Richardson, Richie (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This report examines the political campaign for the July 3rd elections in St. Kitts/Nevis which took a violent turn. Opposition Leader, Dr. Denzil Douglas and Prime Minister Kennedy Simmonds speak about the violence. Haiti's first elections in nearly five years is marred by confusion, protests and death threats. Barbados and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) held their first meeting on closer economic cooperation. In Grenada, Prime Minister Keith Mitchell announces his Cabinet. Hilary Modeste, Executive Vice President of St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association, expresses concern about the overall effect of the prolonged strike on the tourism industry in St. Lucia. The leader of Antigua's Opposition United Progressive Party, Baldwin Spencer is re-elected as political leader. In cricket, England beats the West Indies team leveling the six test series one all. Dominic Cork is named Man of the Match for his seven wickets for forty-three, the best figures by an English bowler in a test debut.
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    Caribbean Report 20-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-20) Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Smith, Lew (correspondent); Hughes, Alister (interviewee); Richardson, Elliot (interviewee); Hayes, Rosie (correspondent); Martinez, Jorge (interviewee); Rush, George (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report, Lew Smith reports on the general election in Grenada. Veteran journalist Alister Hughes comments on the possible outcomes of the elections and the challenges facing the victors. Following a visit to Cuba, the influential Washington-based think tank, Inter-American Dialogue considers recommending the end of the US embargo against Cuba. In Cuba, a feasibility study on the possibility of reactivating the Juragua Nuclear Power Plant is expected to be completed by month's end. Two UN peacekeepers, including a Caribbean national, were injured when a military aircraft crashed at one of Haiti's provincial airports. The voters of Bermuda have less than sixty days before a referendum on the question of their independence. In cricket, historical precedent, current form and the bookmakers suggest that England has virtually no chance of leveling the six match series against the West Indies in the second test.
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    Caribbean Report 19-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-19) Orr, Carol (anchor); Alleyne, Gary (interviewee); Smith, Lew (correspondent); Brizan, George (interviewee); Mitchell, Keith (interviewee); Gairy, Eric (interviewee); Bhola, Ronnie (correspondent); Bierczynski, Allan (interviewee); Manning, Patrick (interviewee); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Mottley, Wendell (interviewee); Richards, Ken (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report: In Jamaica, the business community of downtown Kingston is dissatisfied with a massive security clamp down in the area. Grenada prepares for its fourth general elections since independence with seven political parties seeking victory. The main political leaders comment on taxation, tourism and unemployment - the major issues discussed during this campaign. Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister, Patrick Manning is predicting full employment within a reasonable time-frame. The Finance Minister, Wendell Mottley gives a cautious response to the Prime Minister's optimism. Cuban President Fidel Castro has decided against the extradition of Robert Vesco, an American fugitive. The ACP group of countries are deeply concerned about proposed changes to Europe's banana regime and move to forestall such plans. The Jamaican High Commissioner in London hopes for humane reform measures of Britain's immigration procedures following the death of deportee Joy Gardner.
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    Caribbean Report 15-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-15) Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Simmonds, Kennedy (interviewee); Douglas, Denzil (interviewee); Richards, Ken (correspondent); Smith, Lew (correspondent); Spencer, Baldwin (interviewee); Arnold, Thomas, Sir (interviewee); Baldry, Tony (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This report highlights the impending elections in St. Kitts/Nevis on July 3rd. Prime Minister Kennedy Simmonds and Opposition Labour Party, Denzil Douglas talk about their campaign agenda. Dominica's new Prime Minister Edison James finalizes his Cabinet and adopts the foreign affairs portfolio. Meanwhile, the two opposition parties have resolved the impasse regarding the Leader of the Opposition. In Grenada, Lew Smith examines the three major political parties manifestos. On the agenda of the meeting of LIAT Directors is the issue of share allocation for the airline and Trinidad's proposal for the removal of LIAT's Chairman William Rapier. In the British Parliament, Sir Thomas Arnold comments on Britain's policy towards the Caribbean. The majority of businesses in downtown Kingston closed in to protest the rising crime. A team from the Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington based think-tank, made its first visit to Cuba and met with government officials as well as non-governmental organizations and dissident groups. Cuba states that it has not offered to extradite American fugitive Robert Vesco.
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    Caribbean Report 14-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-14) Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Bremner, Juliet (correspondent); Simpson, Myrna (interviewee); Orr, Carol (correspondent); Grant, Bernie (interviewee); Moraes, Claude (interviewee); Richards, Ken (correspondent); Charles, Eugenia (interviewee); Caroit, Jean Michel (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In London, the acquittal of the two police officers accused of the manslaughter of Joy Gardner angers relatives and friends of the victim. The Director of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Claude Moraes comments on the involvement of the police in deportations. The West Yorkshire police have ordered an internal inquiry into the events which led Asian youths to riot in the Manningham area of Bradford. An election date for St. Kitts and Nevis is expected to be announced by Prime Minister Kennedy Simmonds. In Dominica, Edison James is sworn in as the island's new Prime Minister. Meanwhile, the ex-Prime Minister, Dame Eugenia Charles, assesses the elections and talks about her plans for retirement. Continuing violent crimes in Western Kingston and South St. Andrews have angered the business community. In the Dominican Republic, 10 persons were injured amid clashes between rioters and police in the the town of Villa Altagarcia. One of the victims is a 13 year-old who was injured by a bullet fired from a jeep owned by the Under-Secretary for Sports. The police chief ordered an investigation of the case. London's Evening Standard newspaper has paid substantial damages to Lady Colin Campbell, the biographer of the Princess of Wales.
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    Caribbean Report 13-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-13) Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Richards, Ken (correspondent); Bruney, Mike (interviewee); Alleyne, Brian (interviewee); Douglas, Rosie (interviewee); James, Edison (interviewee); Honychurch, Lennox (interviewee); James, Stanislaus, Sir (interviewee); Ninvalle, Pete (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This report looks at the election victory of the United Workers Party (UWP) led by Edison James, has pulled off in Dominica. Dr. Brian Alleyne and Rosie Douglas comment on who will hold the position of Opposition Leader. Prime Minister designate, Edison James talks about the priorities of the in-coming government. Sir Stanislaus James, Governor General of St. Lucia believes cooperation would be increased by political union within the Windward Islands. In St. Lucia, the Opposition boycotts the current budget presentation and the subsequent budget debate. Trinidad and Tobago is to propose the removal of LIAT Chairman William Rapier after he compromised his position. Low key events were held in Guyana on the fifteenth anniversary of the death of Dr. Walter Rodney. In London, the jury has failed to reach verdicts in the case of two officers accused of the manslaughter of Jamaican deportee Joy Gardner.
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    Caribbean Report 01-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-01) Rowe, Yvette (anchor); Collymore, Yvette (correspondent); Bernal, Richard (interviewee); Huggins, Nicole (correspondent); Restano, Yndamiro (interviewee); Hayes, Rosie (correspondent); Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent); Walker, Lucius (interviewee); Ninvalle, Pete (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    In this report: Caribbean countries are moving from gentle persuasion to mild scare tactics as powerful US interests threatens to crush their crucial banana industries. In his most recent study, William Demas advises CARICOM countries against seeking individual entry into NAFTA. Cuban dissident Yndamiro Restano was freed following an appeal by French human rights group, France-Libertes. The US-based Pastors for Peace, an inter-religious foundation for community organization, is planning its fifth caravan to Cuba later this month. Reverend Lucius Walker comments on Cuba's current economic conditions. Industrial unrest continues in St. Lucia as the commission of inquiry moves into its second day. Meanwhile, some Radio St. Lucia workers are terminated. The West Indies cricket team picked up an easy victory against Leicestershire. Brian Lara is given the deed to lands by the government for his record breaking exploits last year.
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    Caribbean Report 07-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-07) Ransome, Debbie (anchor); Goffe, Leslie (correspondent); Saunders, Douglas (interviewee); Norton, Michael (correspondent); Richards, Ken (correspondent); Esquivel, Manuel (interviewee); Marquis, Victor (interviewee); Rambally, Clarence (interviewee); Ninvalle, Pete (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    European Commissioner for Agriculture, Franz Fischler is pushing for Europe to offer the US concessions in the dispute over the banana regime. Jamaican Ambassador in Brussels, Douglas Saunders expresses his concern over any proposed changes to the banana protocol. The issue of the banana regime was introduced at the on-going OAS General Assembly in Haiti. Suriname moves closer to becoming the first non-English speaking nation to be accepted into CARICOM. In Antigua the police has asked for a month to compile evidence in the murder case against American John Baughman. The commission of inquiry continues in St. Lucia with the cross examination of former United Workers Party campaign manager Victor Marquis. Mr. Marquis was questioned by attorney Clarence Rambally who is representing Dr. Charles Flemming. In cricket, both the West Indies and England have something to prove as they head into the first of the six test series.
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    Caribbean Report 09-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-09) Orr, Carol (anchor); Bruney, Mike (correspondent); Alleyne, Brian (interviewee); James, Edison (interviewee); Douglas, Rosie (interviewee); Smith, Lew (correspondent); Trevena, Claire (correspondent); Shelly, Christine (interviewee); Laurent, Edwin (interviewee); Fortuna, Silvana (interviewee); Dookeran, Winston (interviewee); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Gration, Harry (correspondent); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    Campaigning for the general elections in Dominica moves into top gear. The island's rival three political parties comment on what they think are the major issues for Dominica. In Grenada, unemployment is the major issue as the island goes to the polls. In the Canada provincial elections, Jamaican Alvin Curling was the only success story among the three Caribbean-born candidates. Robert Vesco, an American fugitive financier has been arrested by Cuban authorities. Washington remains interested in Vesco who fled the US twenty-three years ago to avoid fraud charges. Ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean, Edwin Laurent expressed concern and intends to press for a re-consideration of proposed changes to the EU banana protocol. Winston Dookeran, now an economist at the Harvard Institute, states that CARICOM as an integration movement is obsolete. Tony Fraser reports that Dookeran makes his comments on regionalism in the context of globalization. In cricket, the West Indies move into a 37-1 lead on the second day of the first test at Headingley.
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    Caribbean Report 08-06-1995
    (The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1995-06-08) Ransome, Debbie (anchor); John, Velon (interviewee); Ninvalle, Pete (correspondent); Compton, John (interviewee); Newman-Williams, Marjorie (interviewee); Trevena, Claire (correspondent); Gration, Harry (correspondent); Bairstow, David (interviewee); Fraser, Tony (correspondent); Roycroft-Davis, Chris (interviewee); The British Broadcasting Corporation
    This report looks at the Opposition in St. Lucia which is seeking to file a writ of prohibition against the national budget. UNICEF publishes its annual report, The Progress of Nations and the Caribbean Director Marjorie Newman-Williams comments on how the region measures up against the international trends. UNICEF's findings indicate that structural adjustment has seriously undermined the quality of care of children in the Caribbean. Three Caribbean nationals contesting the poll at Canadian provincial elections. In Jamaica, the Minister of National Security and Justice, K.D. Knight suggests the introduction of a night court system to tackle the severe backlog in the justice system. In cricket, the West Indies is on top after day one of the first test against England in Headingley. Meanwhile, the British press is interested in the claims of a voodoo curse against West Indies batsman, Brian Lara. Tony Fraser reports on what is the truth behind the story.