Caribbean Report 18-12-1995


In this report the Windward Islands have been successful in securing funds to back their bid for Geest's banana division. Dominica's Prime Minister Edison James comments on the financing and their chances of obtaining the banana business. In Trinidad and Tobago, Prime Minister Basdeo Panday has been hospitalized with a chest related problem. Tony Fraser reports on the Prime Minister's diagnosis of an angina pectoris and the likelihood that Mr. Panday will reduce his workload when he does leave the hospital. Meanwhile, in Haiti, the vote counting continues following Presidential elections where Rene Preval is the expected winner. In light of the low voter turnout, Nancy McDonald of the Coalition of Independent Observers sums up Haitians' disinterest in electing a new President and Michael Norton assesses Rene Preval's expected term of office. In cricket, the West Indies Cricket Board of Control will move to Antigua in the new year. Jewel Forde examines the implications of the Board's relocation. On the Lara issue, the Board has agreed to uphold the fines imposed on Brian Lara and took no action regarding his withdrawal from the tour of Australia. Cricket historian, Dr. Hilary Beckles comments on the relocation of the Board to Antigua.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:27)
2. The Windward Islands leaders have been successful in raising the money to back their bid for Geest banana division (00:28-04:09)
3. Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister has been hospitalized with a chest related problem (04:10-07:59)
4. In Haiti, following the Presidential elections vote counting continues (08:00-12:24)
5. The implications of the West Indies Cricket Board of Control's decision to move the headquarters to Antigua (12:25-15:13)