Caribbean Report 07-06-1995


European Commissioner for Agriculture, Franz Fischler is pushing for Europe to offer the US concessions in the dispute over the banana regime. Jamaican Ambassador in Brussels, Douglas Saunders expresses his concern over any proposed changes to the banana protocol. The issue of the banana regime was introduced at the on-going OAS General Assembly in Haiti. Suriname moves closer to becoming the first non-English speaking nation to be accepted into CARICOM. In Antigua the police has asked for a month to compile evidence in the murder case against American John Baughman. The commission of inquiry continues in St. Lucia with the cross examination of former United Workers Party campaign manager Victor Marquis. Mr. Marquis was questioned by attorney Clarence Rambally who is representing Dr. Charles Flemming. In cricket, both the West Indies and England have something to prove as they head into the first of the six test series.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:26)
2. An European Commissioner suggests concessions to the US over the banana issue (00:27-04:24))
3. The issue of the banana regime comes up at the OAS General Assembly in Haiti (04:25-07:17)
4. Caricom prepares for Suriname to become the grouping's first non-English speaking member (07:18-08:49)
5. Antiguan police request one month to compile evidence in the murder case against American John Baughman (08:50-09:27)
6. Pete Nimvale reports on the proceedings of the commission of inquiry in St. Lucia (09:28-13:45)
7. The West Indies and England cricket teams head into the first day of their six test series (13:46-15:08)