Caribbean Report 09-06-1995


Campaigning for the general elections in Dominica moves into top gear. The island's rival three political parties comment on what they think are the major issues for Dominica. In Grenada, unemployment is the major issue as the island goes to the polls. In the Canada provincial elections, Jamaican Alvin Curling was the only success story among the three Caribbean-born candidates. Robert Vesco, an American fugitive financier has been arrested by Cuban authorities. Washington remains interested in Vesco who fled the US twenty-three years ago to avoid fraud charges. Ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean, Edwin Laurent expressed concern and intends to press for a re-consideration of proposed changes to the EU banana protocol. Winston Dookeran, now an economist at the Harvard Institute, states that CARICOM as an integration movement is obsolete. Tony Fraser reports that Dookeran makes his comments on regionalism in the context of globalization. In cricket, the West Indies move into a 37-1 lead on the second day of the first test at Headingley.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Carol Orr (00:00-00:29)
2. In Dominica, the three political parties move campaigning into top gear as general elections draws near (00:30-02:47)
3. Unemployment, a main election campaign issue in Grenada (02:48-04:27)
4. One Caribbean-born candidate who contested Canada provincial elections has succeeded (04:28-06:20)
5. Cuban authorities arrest a fugitive US financier who fled the US twenty-three years ago (06:21-07:30)
6. Ambassador Edwin Laurent intends on pressing for a re-consideration of proposals which could change the EU banana protocol (07:31-11:22)
7. Winston Dookeran states that CARICOM as an integration movement is obsolete (11:23-13:29)
8. The West Indies move into a 37 for one lead by the close of play (13:30-15:10)