Caribbean Report 03-10-1991



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1. Headlines (00:00-00:49)
2. The Organization of American States is sending a nine-member delegation to Haiti tomorrow. The team which includes the Foreign Ministers of Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica will be led by the OAS Secretary General Joao Baena Soares. Interview with the Secretary General about the mission to Haiti (00:50-04:16)
3. President Jean-Bertrand Aristide met with top US government officials and foreign diplomats today to rally support for restoring democracy in Haiti. An official of Haiti's US Embassy told the Caribbean report that a meeting was being arranged between the deposed Haitian leader and US President George Bush (04:17-04:38)
4. It was announced in New York that President Aristide will address the United Nations Security Council later today. The council is expected to endorse the efforts by the Organization of American States to restore democracy in Haiti. Yesterday at a special meeting of the OAS, President Aristide appealed for an OAS delegation to go to Haiti. Comments from President Aristide in French with English translation (04:39-05:30)
5. Whilst the deposed president was addressing the OAS, outside the building hundreds of Haitians now resident in the United States where rallying to show their support for him. Interviews with some demonstrators (05:31-07:04)
6. Strong condemnation of the coup in Haiti has come from one of the opposition parties in the Haitian Parliament, the National Movement for Democracy and Progress. The party’s Vice President Francois Benoit condemned the military coup as turning back the hands of democracy in Haiti. Interview with Francois Benoit about the atmosphere in Haiti today (07:05-09:40)
7. Grenada and Jamaica have come out at opposite ends on the question of whether financially-strapped Caribbean countries should turn to the International Monetary Fund for assistance. In yesterday’s Caribbean Report, Prime Minister of Grenada, Nicholas Brathwaite expressed his misgivings about IMF austerity programs. He said there are many examples where IMF programs have failed to produce the desired results. Interviews with Nicholas Brathwaite and Jamaica's Minister of State for Construction Terrence Gillette (09:41-12:46)
8. In Barbados, a senior Caribbean tourism official Luther Miller is worried that if social concern in Barbados is construed as unrest it could be harmful to the tourism industry as well as the economy as a whole. Mr. Miller is a Tourism Development Specialist at the Caribbean Tourism Organization. His comments come as six of the Caribbean unions are meeting to discuss a joint Union response to the recent budgetary measures announced by Prime Minister Sandiford. Sandra Baptiste reports from Bridgetown (12:47-14:56)