Caribbean Report 13-01-1995

In this report, Trinidad and Tobago indicated that full access to NAFTA is top priority. Trinidad and Tobago Finance Minister Wendell Mottley stated that while Trinidad supported their Caribbean brothers in their concerns about the banana regime, they have to pursue their own interests/agenda. In an interview with Dominica's Prime Minister Dame Eugenia Charles, she was asked whether Eastern Caribbean states have lost the support of the larger Caribbean states and if she thought Europe would be willing to go into a trade war with the US over the banana regime dispute. In Bermuda and St. Kitts there is controversy over the appointments of foreign police chiefs. Leader of Bermuda's Opposition Frederick Wade says this can have a demoralising effect on the local police force. In St. Kitts, Prime Minister Kennedy Simmonds defends his decision to appoint a non-national to the post of Police Commissioner. BBC correspondent, Yvette Rowe reports on new fare payments adopted by British Airways which means that those booking travel to the Caribbean now have to pay much earlier than before. Basil Lewis, Assistant Director of Jetquick Travel in North London indicated that small travel agents that deal with mostly customers of Caribbean origin have seen many cancellations taking place. Carol Bailey, Marketing Manager of Caribbean Tourism Organization, London Office, was asked whether the new payment structure could affect the number of people flying to the region.
Table of Contents
1. Headlines with Carol Orr (00:00-00:29)
2. Report on Trinidad and Tobago's priority to seek entry into NAFTA (00:30-00:55)
3. Interview with Wendell Mottley on Trinidad's reasons to pursue its own agenda (00:56-02:14)
4. Interview with Dame Eugenia Charles on whether larger Caribbean states tend to push their own interests (02:15-03:00)
5. Interview with Dame Eugenia Charles on if Europe will be willing to go into a trade war with US over the banana dispute (03:01-05:15)
6. Interview with Frederick Wade on the decision to recruit British officers to two top police posts in Bermuda (05:16-06:08)
7. Interview with Kennedy Simmonds on why a non-St. Kittian was considered for top post again (06:09-10:01)
8. Report on new fare payments by British Airways (10:02-11:19)
9. Basil Lewis explains what this new arrangement means for small travel agents (11:20-12:26)
10. Interview with Carol Bailey on whether this would affect travellers to the region (12:37-14:47)
11. Report ends with a recap of headlines by Carol Orr (14:48-15:16)