The Privatisation of Panorama

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Trinidad Guardian
Pan Trinbago is still faced with a number of challenges that affect the steelband movement, twenty-six years after being established. Panorama remains one of the most formidable challenges facing Pan Trinbago and in the 1998 edition of Panorama, one of the main items on the agenda was a proposal to lower the number of players in participating bands from 120 to 80. The Minister of Culture has given Carnival bodies including Pan Trinbago the responsibility of running their own shows, assisted by a grant. Panorama has become the main focus of the steelband movement but this "Panorama Syndrome" has retarded the progress of the steelband movement and limited the movement's potential to become a viable economic entity.
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Tarradath, Selwyn. "The Privatisation of Panorama." Trinidad Guardian. 13 Sep. 1997: 10+. Print.