Caribbean Report 05-01-1995


This report covers the privatization of the British West Indies Airways (BWIA), the national airline of Trinidad and Tobago. The Acker Group, an airline industry consulting and investment organization and its associates are set to be the new majority shareholders in BWIA with remaining shares divided among airline staff and the government. Tony Fraser interviews Trinidad and Tobago's Trade and Industry Minister, Ken Valley about the future for the new BWIA. The Dominican Republic state airline, Dominicana Aviation Company, experienced financial difficulties that left hundreds of passengers stranded over the Christmas and New Year holidays as they were unable to provide the necessary funding for operating the aircrafts. The future of the airline is uncertain as the Dominican government is also facing severe fiscal deficits. Debbie Ransome examines how the international environmental organization, Greenpeace, attempted to block possible passage of a ship transporting nuclear wastes through the Caribbean Sea and the Panama Canal. Head of CARICOM, Prime Minister Owen Arthur of Barbados has issued an official statement against plans to ship hazardous wastes through the Caribbean. Antigua and Barbuda has issued a diplomatic note of protest to the Japanese government on this proposed shipment. Bertram Niles, correspondent, looks at the controversial issue of casino gambling in Barbados. Gary Alleyne reports that in Jamaica, the debate focused on the introduction of casino gambling in Montego Bay as an additional tourist attraction and government may soon green light this. In St. Kitts and Nevis, the search for a new Commissioner of Police has seen the Deputy Police Commissioner of Jamaica, Leslie Harper being interviewed for that position.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ramsome (00:00-00:20)
2. Report on the privatization of Trinidad and Tobago's national airline, BWIA (00:21-00:52)
3. Hugh Crosskill reports on Mr. Ed Acker's plans for BWIA (00:53-02:38)
4. Report on current arrangements and appointments at BWIA (02:39-03:11)
5. Tony Fraser interviews Ken Valley on the future of BWIA (03:12-06:09)
6. Ian Fairley reports on the financial difficulties experienced by Dominicana Aviation Company, the state airline of the Dominican Republic (06:10-08:55)
7. Greenpeace protest against possible shipment of nuclear wastes through the Caribbean Sea and the Panama Canal (08:56-09:50)
8. Bertram Niles reports on the debate on casino gambling in Barbados (09:51-11:59)
9. Gary Alleyne covers the debate in Jamaica on casino gambling (12:00-13:40)
10. In St. Kitts and Nevis, the Deputy Police Commissioner of Jamaica, Leslie Harper is interviewed for the post of Police Commissioner (13:41-14:30)
11. Debbie Ransome reviews the headlines (14:31-14:59)