OCOD-CTTP Test Evaluation Report

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Organization for Cooperation in Overseas Development


Tests in social studies and integrated science given in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Grenada, and Dominica were analysed by the Organization for Cooperation in Overseas Development's (OCOD) Comprehensive Teacher Training Programme (CTTP) for discrimination, difficulty, and reliability, as well as other characteristics. There were 767 examinees for the social studies test. Scores were placed in descending order, and high (top 27 percent) and low (bottom 27 percent) were separated to extract 414 selectees. Difficulty indices and indices of discrimination were calculated, and reliability was evaluated. Analysis indicated that although the test had some good qualities, it also had a number of weaknesses that should be improved. Four modules of the integrated science test were studied by splitting the test group into halves and comparing the performance of the halves. Samples of 48, 18, 8, and 18 students were used (samples rounded to an even number). Findings indicated that three of the modules were not satisfactory in their present form, but that although Module 4, with a reliability coefficient of 0.60, could be improved, it performed well above the other tests of the series. Five appendices provide detailed tables of results


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