Primary school syllabus: Mathematics



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Ministry of Education


This new mathematics primary school syllabus represents a critical element in the Ministry of Education’s thrust to address some of the deficiencies, both perceived and expressed, related to the teaching of mathematics in primary schools in Trinidad and Tobago. These weaknesses include: widespread teaching through the abstract mode with the emphasis on hands-on activities in developing mathematical concepts, the inability to deliver the prescribed syllabus for each class/grade level within the expected time frame, and failure to take account of students’ experiences and the sociocultural context in the delivery of the mathematics content. In order to address some of these perceptions about the teaching and learning of mathematics, this syllabus adopts a constructivist orientation. The syllabus is sequenced from Infant I to Standard V, and covers four content strands: Geometry, Number, Money and Measurement, and Statistics. These content strands are presented under the following headings: 1) Topic, 2) Objective, 3) Instructional Focus, and 4) Suggested activities.


GORTT/IBRD Basic Education Project

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