The cultural product: First thoughts



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Ministry of the Economy, Trinidad and Tobago


This paper attempts to set down in the most rudimentary way some very preliminary thoughts about “the cultural product”. It does not offer a blueprint for action at this time but it ought, instead, to be regarded as a kind of “flyer which takes a broad, impressionistic look at what the cultural product might be, together with some of the ways in which it could be of relevance to the quest of our people for their own “place in the sun.” It perceives that cultural product as an integral part of the life, ways and environment of the people and therefore sees cultural product development as an option for national growth which makes the people the principal determinants of the means by which they secure their own salvation. The two main implementation structures are proposed: (i) A Cultural Product Design and Development Centre, and (ii) A Cultural Research and Publications Unit. These structures work in tandem to bring to light a range of productive possibilities, which may have relevance not only to the earning of money but also to the development of national self-worth, self-confidence and the will to try. This paper makes no reference to the existing literature on development or culture. Even at the risk of re-inventing the wheel, its intention is to open a line of reasoning which begins at the very first principles.


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