An analytical and developmental study of the educational programs and plans for Jamaica

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This study sought to identify, describe, and define those characteristics which uniquely constituted Jamaican education between 1962 and 1972, through an examination of the problems confronting Jamaican society, its historical heritage, its educational programmes and plans, and the Jamaican cultural scene. Three methodologies of data collection of the descriptive and historical type were used: a) comparative, b) historical, and c) social science, and all were implemented in a cross-disciplinary manner in the basic cultural determinant areas of economics, politics, social, ethical, and geocultural characteristics of Jamaican culture as they affected, influenced, and determined educational programmes and plans in the country. Specific techniques employed were: 1) questionnaires, on an oral basis, with both group discussions and individual interviews with administrators, teachers, students, and various other members of the Jamaican community from a variety of professions and occupations; 2) examination of public documents; 3) observations of teaching methods, curriculum, facilities, materials, and general school procedures; and 4) documentary research


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