Caribbean Report 06-01-1995


In this report, Trinidad divests its national airline, BWIA, with the new majority shareholder being the American Acker Group of Companies. Mr. Edward Acker, Head of the Group, is very optimistic about the future of BWIA. Tony Fraser is interviewed on the concerns of the loss of BWIA as a regional symbol and an airline that looks after regional interests. Two citizens have begun legal action seeking more details on the airline divestment. The World Trade Organization (WTO) comes into force replacing the GATT. Michael Pryce reports that the WTO will have more extensive powers to resolve its members' trade disputes. International Trade Consultant, Henry Gill, stated that Caribbean countries should improve diplomatic representation in Geneva in order to deal with the complex range of trade issues. Ian Fairley reports on the failure of the Dominican Republic to qualify as a founding member of the WTO. In Jamaica, Prime Minister P.J. Patterson is expected to reshuffle his Cabinet.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Carol Orr (00:00-00:26)
2. Report on new majority shareholder in BWIA and the legal action by two citizens on the airline divestment (00:27-01:40)
3. Interview with Tony Fraser at the signing ceremony (01:41-01:55)
4. Mr. Acker speaks on the issue of BWIA (01:56-02:20)
5. Tony Fraser responds to concerns about BWIA and the legal action taken by two citizens (02:21-05:52)
6. Report on the replacement of the GATT by the WTO (05:53-06:16)
7. Under the WTO, implications for both developed and developing countries are examined (06:17-08:35)
8. Henry Gill, speaks on Caribbean interests (06:18-11:38)
9. The Dominican Republic fails to qualify as a founding member of the WTO (11:39-12:02)
10. Ian Fairley reports on the challenges faced by the Dominican Republic in their accession to the WTO (12:03-14:19)
11. Jamaica's Prime Minister P. J. Patterson is expected to reshuffle his Cabinet (14:20-14:56)