Final Report: Gender Socialization Project of the University of the West Indies



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The University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica


The project studied gender differentials in the socialization of working class children in three Caribbean countries—Jamaica, Dominica, and Guyana—in order to better understand the social behaviour of males in Caribbean society. Six communities were selected to reflect as much as possible, urban and rural, as well as the economic realities of the majority of Caribbean populations. In each community, a team comprising of an ethnographer, two animators, and a documentalist, was chosen to elicit and record all relevant behaviours and comments (verbal and non-verbal). The background section of the report describes the design of the qualitative methodology and the administrative structures that were put in place to direct and monitor the fieldwork processes. The body of the report is comprised of two sections of findings. In the first, the work of the six ethnographers forms the basis of profiles of the selected communities. The second section of the findings presents primarily the voices of community residents providing their views on the questions that the research sought to answer.



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gender analysis, gender socialization, social behaviour, males, Caribbean