Gender differences in science and mathematics in CXC examinations

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This study sought to examine the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) examination results in the science and mathematics subject areas for girls and boys who took the examination in 1987 in Trinidad and Tobago. The subject areas examined were: Integrated Science - Basic and General Proficiency; Mathematics - Basic and General Proficiency; Physics; Chemistry; Biology; and Agricultural Science - General Proficiency. Entry statistics were examined to see whether gender was a significant factor in the numbers taking the examination in these subjects. The results were examined by subject area to see whether significant differences existed in achievement between boys and girls. The results showed that girls outnumbered boys in three subject areas--Mathematics - Basic and General, and Biology. In Integrated Science - Basic and General, Physics, Chemistry, and Agricultural Science, boys outnumbered girls although, except for Physics, the differences were slight. Of a total of 13,541 boys who sat the examinations in these subjects, 4,913 (36.28 percent) obtained Grades 1 and 2. The total number of girls sitting the examinations was 17,198, of whom 4,558 (26.5 percent) obtained Grades 1 and 2


Disciplinary Seminar - Gender and Education, 3rd, Jamaica, 19-24 Nov., 1989
The University of the West Indies. Women and Development Studies

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