Physics syllabus: Effective for examinations from May 1993



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Caribbean Examinations Council


This syllabus is designed to help candidates to: acquire technical and scientific vocabulary; understand the concepts and generalisations necessary for the pursuit of Physics; develop the ability to apply an understanding of the principles involved in Physics to situations which may or may not be familiar; appreciate the contributions of some of the outstanding scientists to the development of Physics; develop the ability to detect probems; develop the ability to formulate generalisations; be sceptical about generalisations and yet be willing to search for patterns and to test hypotheses; design and perform experiments and carry out other investigations; gather information and present it in tabular, graphical or other acceptable forms; report accurately and concisely; develop the ability to critically appraise information and evaluate ideas; work independently; co-operate with others in group activity; appreciate the significance and limitations of science in relation to social and economic development; develop an awareness of the applications of scientific knowledge and a concern about the consequences of such applications.


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