A case from community-run pre-schools and daycare centres



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Laborie and Community Education Centre


This publication which is based largely on the experience of the Laborie Community Education Centre (LABSEC) in St. Lucia, describes and advocates the establishment of small local institutions which are: 1) community managed—run by local boards, parents, staff, and membership, 2) community owned—belonging physically and otherwise to the children, board, parents, staff and membership in the local community; 3) concerned with quality—meeting the licencing requirements of the local authorities and the accreditation criteria of relevant institutions, and 4) sustainable—financially, socially, intellectually, mostly because trained, experienced, and dedicated community volunteers animate and serve the organization. The structure and operations of a community-run preschool/daycare centre are described under the following topic headings; 1) The Institution, 2) Parent Involvement, 3) Role of the Director, 4) Role of the Early Childhood Education Administrator, 5) Role of the Other Staff, 6) Technical Assistance, 7) The Board, and 8) Financial Sustainability and Membership. There are 15 appendices including samples of job descriptions, staff evaluation forms, budgets, topics for parents’ group meetings, summary of licencing requirements, and written policies.


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Pre-schools, Daycare centres