Caribbean Report 09-01-1997

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Gordon, Warren (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Jenkins, Gareth (interviewee)
Edoo, Claire (correspondent)
Grant, Jennifer (correspondent)
Kofi, Tetteh (interviewee)
Bascombe, Peter (interviewee)
Bullimore, Tony (interviewee)
Bullimore, Lillian (interviewee)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation


This segment reports that in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince today one man was injured during a demonstration against the privatization of state companies. The demonstration came as supporters of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide moved closer to the formation of a political party in preparation of a possible return of Mr. Aristide. Segment three states that the Director General of the St. Lucian based Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States has suggested that the subregional leaders should hand the mandate for political unity to his Secretariat. Head of the OECS Secretariat, Swinburne Lestrade says that this move is imperative if the Eastern Caribbean is to successfully face the challenges of globalisation. This segment gives the events surrounding the collapse of Jamaica Century National financial entities continues to unfold, their former Chief Executive has paid back almost a US quarter million. The event and its repercussions are outlined. Segment 5 deals with elections in Britain and black voter apartheid which is described in the Murray’s polls, the New Nation polls and a report by Tory MP, Petra Bascombe. The final segment states that world yachtsman Tony Bullimore is stranded for four days in the Southern Ocean. The Bullimore’s experience is described.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. One man grievously injured in Haiti's capital (00:35-00:45)
3. The OECS Secretariat wants responsibility for political unity in the sub region (03:46-04:55)
4. Jamaica Century National collapses (04:56-06:38)
5. With general elections in Britain only a few months away nine out of ten Black Britons say they will not vote (06:31-11:36)
6. The world yachtsman Tony Bullimore is stranded for four days in the Southern Ocean (11:41-15:22)