Deviations from Standard English in the speech of primary school children in St. Lucia and Dominica: A preliminary survey - Part 2

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This paper intends to present those non-standard features of the speech of school-children in St. Lucia and Dominica that fall into readily recognizable patterns on examination of a restricted sample of recorded speech. The corpus comprised the tape-recorded speech of 59 children--37 St. Lucian and 22 Dominican from 9 different schools, 6 in St. Lucia and 3 in Dominica. All the recorded material was transcribed phonetically. It was assumed that the informants were speaking what in their estimation was English. All items that were not acceptable as being consistent with the requirements of Standard English in the particular contexts were extracted and separately noted. The items were then grouped according to type and patterns of deviation established


DOI: 10.1515/iral.1969.7.4.259,

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