An investigation into the implementation of the draft Primary School Language Arts Syllabus - 1986

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This study assessed the extent to which the teachers of Second Year classes in the primary schools in San Fernando, Trinidad, were implementing the draft Primary School Syllabus (1986) in Language Arts, after working with it for approximately two years. It also sought to identify any problems/constraints that might be affecting the smooth implementation of the programme and, in so doing, to determine the needs of the teachers with regard to the teaching of Language Arts. A questionnaire was administered to 46 teachers of 15 primary schools in San Fernando. A sample of six of these teachers was observed in the teaching of three language lessons each, and interviewed. The findings showed that most of the teachers were implementing the syllabus as suggested, but there were some areas of uncertainty about the concepts, principles, and methodology related to Second Language Teaching. The most significant problems were in the areas of availability, preparation, and use of appropriate teaching aids; the physical conditions of schools; teaching methods; and professional and moral support for teachers. The most urgent need identified was that of continuing education courses/workshops in Language Arts teaching, which would cater for improving teachers' knowledge and skills


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