Caribbean Report 03-01-1995


Anchor, Debbie Ransome reports on how Jason Lloyd, son of the former West Indies cricket captain, Clive Lloyd, contracted the rare Guillain-Barre syndrome after receiving a booster injection to prevent measles. Candace Piette, examines the teething problems of implementing the new trade regulations of MERCOSUR and the implications for smaller trade groups like CARICOM. Correspondent Mike Jarvis reports on the debate in St. Martin which focused on legislation passed by Netherland Antilles to deal with labor and immigration problems. This Priority Hiring Resolution restricts the hiring of non-nationals and places priority on Antillians with Caribbean nationals at the bottom of the table. In St. Martin a large percentage of the work force comprise of foreigners and Caribbean nationals resulting in a large illegal immigrant worker population. Hence, Caribbean nationals feel they have been the casuality of an inefficient immigration and labor control system.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:29)
2. Report on Jason Lloyd, son of former West Indies captain, Clive Lloyd (00:30-01:04)
3. Interview with Waveney Lloyd about her son's illness (01:04-4:19)
4. Debbie Ransome introduces Candace Piette to report on the problems faced in implementing MERCOSUR (04:20-08:32)
5. Mike Jarvis reports on debates in St. Martin over legislation passed by the Netherland Antilles pertaining to labor and immigration (08:33-11:15)
6. Debbie Ransome interviews Clive Lloyd on his son's illness (11:16-11:35)
Debbie Ransome ends report (14:35-14:58)