Report on sample survey of rural women in agriculture



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Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Co-operatives


The objectives of the survey were inter-alia:- (i) to determine the number of women living in rural areas who were actively engaged in agricultural activities which provided a source of income; (ii) to determine the extent to which these women were involved in agricultural operations; (iii) to provide for the collection of other demographic, social and economic characteristics relating to rural women in agriculture relevant for decision-making. A sample of one thousand, five hundred (1,500) households was selected for interview and included all demographic, social and cultural entities of the population.


The National Commission on the status of women in Trinidad and Tobago proposed the conduct of a survey on ‘Women in Agriculture’ early in 1981. Approval for this survey provided for a joint committee of the Commission’s representatives and the Research and Planning Division of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Co-operatives to plan and execute the survey with technical assistance provided by the Central Statistical Office.

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Rural women, Agriculture