Some aspects of the relationship between university adult education and some facets of nation-building in new Commonwealth nations - A case study of Jamaica and the Bahamas

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This study sought to examine the ways in which, and the extent to which, the Department of Extra-Mural Studies of The University of the West Indies (UWI) fulfilled its self-proclaimed intention of contributing to nation-building in the Caribbean, with specific reference to the Bahamas and Jamaica. The nature and role of university adult education are examined, explored, and explained in relation to the nation-building events that took place during the national evolution of the two countries. Data were collected through documentary research, interviews with selected individuals, and a limited questionnaire survey. The analysis provided evidence that much of the department's work was directed towards increasing the capability of the Caribbean territories to run their own affairs, and to assume this and other responsibilities of nationhood. Indeed, the university's adult education offerings exerted a formative influence on the processes and outcome of nation-building in the Caribbean


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