Caribbean Report 17-04-1997


Police and demonstrators have clashed in French Guiana over the arrest of independent supporters. Overnight riot police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators that camped out at Cayenne Central Police Station demanding information on a group of detainees. Next, the Amerindians of Guyana protested outside the parliament today as a bill to rename the country’s only international airport was due to have its first reading in Parliament. The bill seeks to change the name from Timehri, a word honouring Amerindians to Cheddi Jagan International in memory of the late President. In Guyana a fourth Asian timber company has been given a foothold in Guyana’s forest. A memorandum of understanding was signed today with a Malaysian company. Next, a Jamaican drug trafficking ring which flew American teenagers to Jamaica and then forced them to swallow capsules of cocaine so that they could smuggle it back to the United States has been uncovered. Also, the slaying of two teenagers in what is being described as a gang feud with political overtones in the capital city, Kingston, has sparked a call for all night vigil to address the problems of political violence in Jamaica. Next, a team of British lawyers have appealed for the intervention of British government on behalf of a Trinidad born inmate on Florida’s death row. In the final segment, Cuba is celebrating the thirty sixth anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion, a failed attempt to topple the government of Fidel Castro


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00:00:36)
2. Arrest stemming from last November's unrest in French Guiana leads to new clashes between demonstrators and police. Jean Ballandras, Head of the cabinet of the prefect is interviewed. Journalist, Patrick Venries reports (00:37-04:23)
3. The renaming of Timehri International Airport. Colin Smith reports (04:24-06:46)
4. Drug trafficking in Jamaica. Delroy Chuck, Jamaica Labour Party representative for North-East, St Andrew is interviewed and Jennifer Grant reports from Kingston (06:47-10:36)
5. The British Bar Council and Human Rights groups ask for an extension of legal aid for Krishna Maharaj. Debbie Ransome, journalist interviews Jeffrey Robertson, Defence Queen Council. Robert Owen, Chairman of British Bar Council is also interviewed (10:37-13:03)
6. The thirty sixty anniversary of the Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba is celebrated. Tom Gibb reports from Havana (13:04:15:29)