The development of a comprehensive approach to special education in Anguilla



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Voluntary Services Overseas


This report describes special education in Anguilla, and in particular, the work of one volunteer special needs teacher with the Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) British charity. The work of the teacher is detailed in four areas: 1) working with mainstream teachers on remediation and prevention of reading failure, 2) developing a draft policy proposal for development of special education, 3) working directly with deaf students and assessing hearing, and 4) working with a blind student plus vision assessment. Results of working in each of these areas are discussed and recommendations are made including: 1) establishing a Coordinator for Special Education, 2) appointing an educational psychologist, and 3) emphasizing reading improvement to counter the very high percentage of students underachieving in this area. Appendices include lists of available instructional materials, sample forms, outlines of referral processes, and a draft policy proposal.


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Special education