Summary of science education research in the Caribbean 1970-1987

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Research on science education in the Caribbean, which was completed and published between 1970-1987 in the form of doctoral or masters theses, published papers, conference/seminar papers, and university-based mimeograph research material, was examined, synthesized, and organized around the following themes: 1) agricultural education, 2) assessment in science education, 3) cognitive development/concept attainment, 4) curriculum development/implementation/evaluation, 5) environmental education, 6) science achievement/orientation, 7) science attitudes, 8) nutrition/health education, 9) science education/teaching, 10) science teacher education, and 11) scientific literacy. Over 300 papers from 17 Caribbean countries were reviewed and discussed in terms of implications and future directions. A listing of research in progress, the personnel engaged in such research, statistics of school populations, and science curricula are provided


Annual Meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, 61st, Lake of the Ozarks, United States, 10-13 Apr., 1988

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