Excellence in vocational teacher education - Focus on the Caribbean

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In the Caribbean, vocational education is provided through both formal and nonformal educational programming. An excellence-oriented vocational teacher education programme to prepare individuals to teach in the region's educational system should incorporate training in the history and philosophy of vocational education, instructional techniques, classroom organization and management, testing and measurement, course construction, basic psychology, and first aid. In addition, prospective teachers should demonstrate satisfactory performance in an area of specialization. Standard certification for full-time teachers should require completion of a two-year course of study; standard certification for part-time teachers should entail successful completion of an inservice training arrangement to be completed through evening classes and summer workshops. The Vocational Training Development Institute (VTDI) in Jamaica is contributing to the preparation of vocational teachers and instructors in the Caribbean by providing teacher education in accordance with these standards. To date, VTDI has trained 39 foreign students from 12 Caribbean countries. Plans are underway to expand the scope of services offered by VTDI and increase the amount of training and retraining for VTDI staff members

American Vocational Association Convention, New Orleans, 30 Nov. - 4 Dec., 1984
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