Caribbean Report 14-03-1997


In this report, thousands of Bahamians are going to the polls today to seek a new government that will combat crime and fight unemployment. Next, four more executives of Canadian Sheraton International, which possesses a nicko mining operations in Cuba that was stolen from an American corporation, were targeted under the provision of the Helms-Burton law, that seeks to restrict foreign investment in Cuba from entering the United States. Next, Trinidad and Tobago, officials who went to Washington to lobby for access to the North American Free Trade agreement came back with a petition against the export of steel to the United States. In the following, Guyana’s new prime minister is to be soon named from the ranks of the People’s Progressive Party. Next, the horrifying death of the President of the Bar Association rocks the Guyanese community. Next, Montserrat’s new Minister of Agriculture is named. In this segment, the Caribbean Report programme has informed its listeners of the pyjama crisis in Canada. Walmart has found itself selling Cuban made pyjamas in its stores across Canada. Hoping to avoid a US backlash, the American chain of stores cleared its shelves, but the Canadian government told Walmart that it would punish the company if it did not return the pyjamas to the shelves. Finally, the former Prime Minister of Jamaica is laid to rest. His body will lie in State until Sunday and will be buried at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kingston.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Thousand streaming to the polls in the Bahamas. Wendell Jones, Chief Executive of the local radio station Love FM is interviewed (00:27-03:26)
3. The Canadian Mining Company, Sheraton International, executives are barred from entering the United States (03:27-04:02)
4. Nafta lobbyist in Trinidad and Tobago return from Washington with a petition against the twin islands export of steel. Foreign Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Ralph Maraj is interviewed. Tony Fraser reports from Port of Spain (04:03-06:04)
5. Guyana could have a new prime minister in place as early as next week. Information Minister, Moses Nagamootoo and former Prime Minister, Sam Hinds are interviewed (06:05-08:50)
6. Tributes pour in for the murdered President of the Guyana Bar Association, Pearlene Roach. Rosemary Benjamin Noble, attorney and broadcaster, Guyana and Peter Britton, former President of Guyana Bar Association are interviewed (08:51-11:26)
7. Montserrat gets a new minister of agriculture. Reuben Meade, former Minister of Agriculture is interviewed (11:27-13:09)
8. Walmart finds itself in a crisis in Canada. Leslie Goffe reports from New York (13:10-14:50)
9. Jamaica mourns for its former Prime Minister, Michael Manley (14:51-15:29)