Project performance audit report: Trinidad and Tobago Second Education Project (Loan 862-TR)

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The aim of this project was to expand secondary education at all levels, with particular emphasis on prevocational and technical courses, together with training of teachers for primary and junior secondary schools. The report is divided into two sections--the Project Performance Audit Memorandum (PPAM) and the Project Completion Report (PCR). Ten institutions, instead of the 16 originally intended for construction, were financed under the project. Results show that project schools were larger, had more specialized facilities, and were better equipped than non-project schools. They had also set a standard for upgrading older schools and were making considerable contribution to the country's educational efforts, but a high level of teacher absenteeism was recorded in the junior secondary schools. The problems encountered are identified, for example, the introduction of new curricula and the procurement and effective utilization of new equipment. Recommendations are made for possible solutions


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