Research in Educational Institutions: Increasing Capability and Capacity in the English-speaking Caribbean with a working directory of on-going Educational Research 1979-1991



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The project on research in educational institutions in the English-speaking Caribbean was intended to address some of the issues, concerns and problems related to the conduct and use of research by personnel in various educational institutions, and to produce some practical suggestions, guidelines, and tools that would promote and facilitate more and better use of research in education. This document provides details of the main outcomes of the project in four chapters. Chapter 1 gives a summary of the data collected during the survey; Chapter 2 records the process and outcomes of a regional training workshop on the role, conduct, and use of research; Chapter 3 provides an overview of the issues, concerns, and problems that were raised by those who participated in the project; and Chapter 4 contains the recommendations that were made. The working directory of educational research provides a partial listing of research projects and studies undertaken between 1979-1991 arranged by country. Each entry includes information on: 1) the research topic, 2) the institution undertaking the research, and 3) the duration of the research. It also provides a list of publications by staff members of the Faculty of Education, The University of the West Indies (U.W.I), St. Augustine between 1986-1991.


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