Conceptions of curriculum and their application to teacher education programmes

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This study examines whether: 1) the influence of conceptions of curriculum is identifiable in actual teacher education programmes, 2) they appear as mutually exclusive entities, and 3) their influence is similarly expressed or perceived across different sources of the same programme. The programmes analysed were the Inservice Diploma in Education, School of Education, The University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine, and the Bachelor of Education Programme, Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto. The study employed a content analysis of documents and questionnaires to teacher educators to examine the ways in which the conceptions of curriculum were applied to the two programmes. The results indicated that the influence of the conceptions is identifiable by judges, given specific criteria, but that the conceptions do not appear as mutually exclusive entities. In addition, the influence of the conceptions appears to be similarly expressed or perceived across different sources of one programme, but differently expressed and perceived across sources of the other programmes


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