Some aspects of science curriculum development, dissemination and implementation in the English-speaking Caribbean, with special reference to Dominica

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This study examines decision making, communication, selection of content, teaching methods, and the language of instruction; as well as resources in curriculum development, dissemination, and implementation of a science curriculum in the Caribbean, with particular relevance to Dominica. Curriculum development in Dominica is placed within an historical and economic context. A strategy for development, dissemination, and implementation of a science curriculum is proposed for Dominica. This strategy reflects national goals and aspirations while being pragmatic, taking into consideration the peculiarities of the small island nation, its resources, and situation of its teachers. It reflects an understanding that curriculum implementation can only occur in the classroom, where the teacher is the authority. It is recognized that successful implementation of curriculum is dependent on the resolution of a number of non-curricular problems in the classroom. Some of them involve deep moral problems and conflicts. In this regard, the teacher will need every bit of assistance. Periodic meetings with teachers on a district and island-wide level to deal specifically with these "nitty-gritty" problems are recommended. In some cases, the entire community may have to be involved in the resolution of some of the problems


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