Developing and strengthening of agricultural education in Antigua. A report

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Department of Agricultural and Extension Education, Michigan State University


This study examined agricultural education programmes in Antigua and made recommendations for needed improvements. Data for the evaluation were obtained from numerous documents and publications, field trips, and discussions with key officials in various ministries and institutions, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, Antigua State College, and secondary schools in the country. Although it was clear that the agricultural education programme in Antigua was in urgent need of improvement, the existing general goals of self-reliance and proper use of land and other natural resources were not sufficient to plan a direction for the country's agricultural education programme. Clear, specific national goals for both the short- and long-term improvement of instruction in the primary and secondary schools and teacher preparation needed to be formulated. Moreover, the importance of both education and agriculture to the development of Antigua needed to be reflected in the budgets of the two ministries responsible foe each of these. Appendices to this report include a listing of documents reviewed by the researcher, data on staffing and training needs in Antigua, and selected information concerning educational institutions and enrolment in them


A study conducted during November 1984 at the request of the Caribbean Agricultural Extension Project in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education

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