Early stimulation manual for parents of deaf infants: Appropriate technologies for development

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Information Collection and Exchange Division, Peace Corps


This sign language manual, intended to help St. Lucian parents teach language to, and communicate with, their deaf or hard-of-hearing children, is prefaced by a child's description of living with a deaf sibling. An introduction discusses symptoms of hearing loss, defines speech and language, traces general expectations at school, and touches briefly on hearing aids, sign systems, and ways parents can help, including learning sign language. Subsequent sections address the following topics very briefly: Causes of deafness, significance of early detection, directions for three teaching activities, hearing aids and how to care for them, discipline, toilet training, multiple handicaps, and vocational guidance. The bulk of the document consists of an illustrated sign language glossary, including the alphabet, numbers 1-10, nouns, pronouns, basic verbs, common phrases, and simple sentences


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