Graduate programmes in educational administration in the Commonwealth Caribbean and Africa

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Jan-Apr., 1985

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The availability and characteristics of graduate programmes in educational administration offered by universities in African and Commonwealth Caribbean countries are summarized in this paper. The programmes reviewed are offered by universities in the West Indies, Guyana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, and Nigeria. The paper notes that most of the programmes are of very recent origin and are still undergoing significant changes in their organization and requirements. The paper outlines the history of the programmes in general, citing specific programmes as examples rather than discussing each individually. The characteristics typically found in the programmes are reviewed, including size, admission requirements, degrees granted, degree requirements, and course content. The paper also comments both on the need for such graduate programmes, given the state of development of the economies in the countries concerned, and on the potential value of student exchanges among Third World universities offering the programmes. Appendices describe the course of study in two specific programmes: that leading to a Master of Education in Administration and Planning at Bayero University in Nigeria, and that leading to a Certificate in Educational Management and Administration at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill


Special Issue: The Professional Preparation and Development of Educational Administrators in Developing Areas with Emphasis on the Commonwealth Caribbean, edited by Earle H. Newton & David G. Marshall

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