A survey of adult education in the Caribbean: Policy, practice, impacts and projections



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Caribbean Regional Council for Adult Education (CARCAE)


This survey analysed adult education activities in 7 member countries of the Caribbean Regional Council for Adult Education (CARCAE). This report is presented in two parts: Part 1 contains an introduction and regional analysis. The introduction provides the background, definitions and methods used in the study, while the regional analysis presents an overview of adult education in all the territories, with a discussion of the significance and implications of the study. This section also outlines some possible roles that various agencies might play in the delivery of adult education programmes in the region in light of the findings with particular reference to CARCAE. Part 2 contains the country analyses. Each country analysis presents a detailed study of adult education in the territory, providing information on the following: 1) background, 2) considerations, 3) policy; 4) analysis by sector, sub-sector and type of activity; 5) organization, management, and administration; 6) funding; 7) constraints; 8) impacts; 9) projections as outlined by adult educators in the territory; and 10) concluding comments.


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Adult education