Caribbean Report 27-02-1997


The US ambassador to Port of Spain says his government has no intention of taking on the region through the shiprider agreement. Next, the Ambassador of the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States is shedding more light on the European Parliament’s position on the ACP banana quota. Next, the Prime Minister of Grenada has said that things are patched up between him and his former deputy. She was removed from her position after failing to attend a recent convention of the ruling New National Party. Next, an American based group, the Washington Office on Haiti has made fresh charges about the alleged sweatshop conditions endured by workers in Haiti, employed by the Walt Disney Company. Next, there is cautious optimism coming out of an Amsterdam Conference that progress is being made in the fight against the world wide problem of child labour. The conference zeroed in on the most intolerable forms of child labour. Next, stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press. In the final segment, the European Union is to provide Guyana with a grant to help improve its malfunctioning water supply in the transportation systems as well as its private sector. Also its finance minister has expressed concern about the government and private sector views on the continuing uncertainty of the accessibility of Guyana’s rice.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. The American Ambassador in Trinidad and Tobago clarifies the United States policy on a regional shiprider agreement. Tony Fraser reports from Port of Spain (00:31-01:35)
3. More light is shed from Brussels on the European Parliament's position on the ACP banana quota. Ambassador of OECS in Brussels, Edwin Laurent is interviewed (01:36-05:04)
4. The Prime Minister of Grenada, Keith Mitchell has patched up things with his deputy, Grace Duncan. Lew Smith is interviewed. (05:05-08:48)
5. Accusations of sweatshop labour directed at companies associated with Disney and operating in Haiti. Julia Thompson reports (08:49-10:12)
6. Attention to be given to child labour in the Caribbean. Curtis Augustus, General Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour, Ali Taqi, ILO official, James Williams, ILO spokesman are interviewed. Ken Richards reports (10:13-12:54)
7. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press (12:55-14:34)
8. Aid for Guyana's infrastructure (14:35-15:22)