Caribbean Report 01-05-1997


The polls are closed and exit results are coming up. The polls are indicating a Labour victory. The disenchantment of Britain’s young black and Afro-Caribbean voters is discussed. They believe that the system ignores their wishes and aspirations. However, some think differently and hope their vote makes a difference on issues that matter to them. A Jamaican black academic is interviewed on the black voter apartheid and a black family is visited to get their views. How black candidates will fare in the elections is discussed. Next, Trinidadian and Vincentian rescuers find a part of the wreckage of a private aircraft that crashed into the Caribbean Sea shortly after takeoff from St Vincent. Six were on board the aircraft at the time. They were cricket lovers who went to St Vincent to support the West Indies cricket team. In this segment hundreds of thousands of people are taking part in May Day marches in Cuba. Next, the atmosphere in Britain anticipating a Labour victory is given and the voice of people in East London is heard. They emphasise on the need for black people to come out and vote so that they can get a voice. Black voters are going out to vote but are still feeling neglected. It is noted that the Labour Party can no longer take the black vote for granted. It is changing over the last few years and there are now both Black Conservative as well as Labour candidates. More professional blacks are leaning toward the Conservative Party and there is a more sophisticated approach in the black community as to who they would vote.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:15)
2. Welcome to our special on the British general elections. The polls are closed and exist results are coming up (00:16-08:18)
3. Parts of the wreckage of a private aircraft that crashed into the Caribbean Sea is found (08:19-09:16)
4. Hundreds of thousands march in Cuba for May Day (09:17-10:05)
5. The atmosphere in Britain anticipating a Labour Party victory. Professor Stuart Hall, people in East London and a black family are interviewed (10:06-15:21)