Comparison of mathematics achievement of students in five teachers' colleges in 1967 and 1971

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Institute of Education. UWI


This study compared the mathematics performance of students in teachers' colleges in the Eastern Caribbean in 1967 and in 1971, and attempted to identify differences in the mathematics curriculum in the two years, as reflected in the final year examination. Ten test items used in the Final Year Mathematics Examination for teachers' colleges in 1967 were included in the 1971 examination, and facility indices were prepared for the items. Comparison of the facility indices for groups of male and female candidates, and for each of the colleges showed that: 1) mathematics performance of the male candidates was better than that of the female candidates; 2) the profile of the performance of the male candidates on the items was very similar to the profile of the female candidates; 3) performance on five items remained unchanged over the 5-year period; and 4) performance on two of the three items that registered substantial changes over the period showed that, for some colleges, the performance did not change over the period


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