Report on adult education in community centres

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Ministry of Community Development


After examining the position of adult education programmes, the Committee felt that coordination of all the different programmes was essential, because without it, duplication and administrative confusion would result. The report defines the objectives for a national programme of adult education in community centres based on: 1) personal and social development, 2) need for change, 3) leadership, 4) improvement in occupational skills, 5) introduction to new skills, 6) education in current affairs, and 7) satisfactory use of leisure. It recommends certain types of courses for community centres, such as English, arithmetic, science, and vocational training. Recommendations are also made for: 1) the establishment of a National Committee for Adult Education in Community Centres; 2) local committees in certain area, and 3) the adult education exercise to be the joint undertaking of private enterprise, the people and government


Chairman: C. R. Ottley

Table of Contents