Narrative Review of Experimental Research Studies on Improving Students’ Experience in Online and Distance Learning: Implications for Praxis

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A narrative review of 10 peer-reviewed articles from 2002 to 2009 was conducted based on effective strategies for online and distance education classrooms. The proceeding points were made based on the researchers’ summation: (a) there is a need for increased emphasis collaboration, (b) e-tivities should be geared toward authenticity through synthesizing information, personal and professional relevance, (c) course design is imperative in spawning increased collaboration, authenticity, and levels of comfort with technology, (d) e-tutors should foster high levels of interaction, innovation, creativity, and out of the box thinking through creation of projected geometrical e-tivities, (e) above all e-tutors should show concern, support, caring, and give feedback as soon as is possible to remove any feelings of isolation.


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Online and distance education, improving students’ experiences in the online environment, strategies for improving students’ performance and motivation in the online environment